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List of Services

Blue Heron are a local business, located in Widdrington, Northumberland. As members of National Association of Chimney Sweeps (NACS) we provide a professional and affordable chimney sweep service for domestic and commercial properties throughout the North East.

We recommend regular maintenance of your chimney, this will improve the overall efficiency of your fire and prevent serious risks such as dangerous fumes, chimney fires and damage to your property.

No doubt, your home insurance company will want you to provide evidence that you have used a certified chimney sweep. After each chimney sweep, Blue Heron will issue you with a recognised, dated National Association of Chimney Sweeps certificate.

We recommend regular maintenance of your chimney

  • Chimneys Swept
  • Certificates Issued
  • Power Sweeping System
  • Vacuum & Brush
  • Stove Servicing & Refurbishment
  • Pots, Cowls & Bird Cages Fitted
  • Blockage Removal
  • Birds Nest Removal & Guards Fitted
  • C02 Alarm Supply & Fitting
  • Birds Nest Removal & Guards Fitted

Power Sweeping System

Most people are familiar with the ‘traditional’ method of chimney sweeping using a round brush which is attached to a rod, the brush is then pushed up inside the chimney flue and then pulled down again, this process is repeated several times.

With advances in technology, the chimney sweep’s array of equipment has increased. Chimney sweep rods are now made from aluminium, far lighter and more flexible, yet stronger than previous materials.

Power sweeping brush heads consist of thick nylon strands as opposed to thin bristles, which is what traditional brushes are made from and with power sweeping the brush head actually rotates at speed compared to the traditional, manual push and pull method.

Advances in technology

Why Do I Need A Chimney Sweep?

To protect your health, breathing in the fumes from gas or solid fuel fires can cause serious damage to your health and in the worst cases prove fatal.

To avoid chimney fires, having your chimney swept on a regular basis will drastically reduce the chances of having a chimney fire.

To avoid smoke damage, each time the fire is used, soot will accumulate inside the chimney.

Protect your health, avoid chimney fires & smoke damage

How Often?

This depends on how often the fire is used and what you burn, a general guideline is:

House Coal: Twice Per Year

Smokeless Coal: Once Per Year

Logs: Quarterly When In Use

Oil: Twice Per Year

Gas: Once Per Year

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